ArchiPX is a creative studio committed to delivering the highest quality design and 3D visualization images, for architects, developers, real-estate companies, & individuals.
The collaboration idea was born from the shared photography and software modeling passion. The team, started up in 2013 in Milan, is composed by young architects and designers who approach to the work with great dedication.
The images presented are part of a select collection of works. Our task was to make 3D models, rendering and final post production.


Urti Zaho, Born in Vlore (Albania) in 1988, he graduated in 2013 in Architecture at the Polytechnic of Milan . Since 2011 he collaborates with  the architect Stefano Pavia  at WestwayArchitects office, where he is still working, dealing with the preliminary, final and executive planning of several residences and offices of Milan city, learning the elements of the profession. In the same place he had the opportunity to participate in a major project like NDIA New Doha International Airport, for which the office has coordinated the architectural design for some of the airport lounge. After some short collaborations, in 2014 he arrived in the Dante O. Benini & Partners office, where he specialized in 3d graphics. In May 2015 he joined the L22 team.





Francesco Vitale, Born in Ischia in 1985, he graduated in architecture at the Luigi Vanvitelli Faculty of the Second University of Naples with a dissertation about social housing, “Low cost, high quality”. He managed to re-interpret the economic and popular building concepts with self made and customizable houses. He began his career in the Naples area, collaborating with Stilelibero architecture office. In 2012 he chose to make a second-level master degree about social housing: new ways of living between innovation and transformation of the Faculty of Architecture Rome 3. This experience led him to collaboration with architectural firms Vandkunsten and Vilhelm Lauritzen in Denmark, establishing meanwhile in Naples with three other members “Arkistar”, an architectural firm which is still going great guns by breaking away from the usual Neapolitan architectural patterns). Back to Italy he decided to undertake a training course at the Polytechnic of Milan about hotel restaurants and bars interior design, planning a restaurant where street food and work research are combined. Then he was hired by architect Dante O. Benini and Partners with whom he had worked for a year and a half when he eventually moved into the Lombardini22 world.



Mattia Samuele Colangelo, Born in Milan in 1990, he graduated in 2013 in Architecture at the Politecnico of Milan . The same year he won a scholarship and got a design Master from Permasteelisa S.P.A After different collaboration in Milan, where he participated to the project of NDIA, by Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel and Partners, and “Citta della Salute e della Ricerca” by Renzo Piano, he decided to move to New York, where he works as a 3D Artist in a Brooklyn office.